Set up fingerprints


The new fingerprint scanner works a lot better than the one on Samsung’s earlier phones.

The fingerprint sensor is built into the home button, just like last year, but it has been vastly improved. Now you can just lightly press it to have your print recognized—no more swiping. The setup process takes a little longer, but it will still only take a few minutes. To add fingerprints, go to your main system settings and enter Lock screen and security > Fingerprints. You can add up to four prints here by tapping repeatedly on the sensor. You probably want to use your thumbs and index fingers on each hand.

Remember to tilt your finger back and forth and place different parts of it on the sensor. This will help the system to recognize you more easily and reliably. Also make sure to get the very tip of each finger. While you’re at it, you can configure the security settings to use your fingerprint for accessing your Samsung account and filling passwords in the stock web browser.