Screen grid and layout

Change your home screen grid and layout


You can change the arrangement of the home screen grid, to show more or fewer icons.

Samsung has added the ability to pick the size of the home screen grid for its stock TouchWiz launcher. You can use this to cram more icons onto each panel, but you won’t get as many options as you would with a third-party home screen app. Simply long press on the home screen and tap Screen grid. The default is 4×4—it can be changed to 4×5 or 5×5.

While you’re at it, a long press on the home screen is also how you can add, remove, and rearrange home screen panels. You can set any panel to be the main panel by tapping the home icon at the top of each page.

Remove the briefing screen

Samsung’s Flipboard-powered news feed page is back this year, though it’s now called “Briefing” instead of “My Magazine.” You can use it if you want, but it’s still a strangely laggy interface. The method to disable it has also changed on the Galaxy S6. Long press on the home screen, then scroll over to the Briefing panel on the far left. There’s a check box at the top, so go ahead and unchecked it, and you’re done. You can tap the check box again any time you want to be reminded why you shut it off in the first place.