Samsung S5



The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a fingerprint scanner built into the home button so only you can access your device. There’s also built in fitness software and a heart rate monitor. It was the best phone around at improving your health until the Samsung S6/S6 Edge came out earlier this year.



Power Saving


WiFi and Mobile Data set up

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Setting up Emails


Fingerprint Recognition


The essential tech specs

The battery inside the S5 is 2,800mAh in size, giving 21 hours of talk time and up to 390 hours of standby time. The processor is a quad core 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801, excellent for gaming. Android 4.4.2 KitKat™ is the software, and it’s feature packed. The 5.1″ Super AMOLED screen automatically adjusts to different lighting conditions. On the back is a 16MP camera and on the front is a 2MP one. Both are excellent. With 16GB of built-in memory and a micro SD slot for memory cards up to 128GB, there’s plenty of space for videos and photos.

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Ultra Power saving mode

When it comes to battery life, the S5 is outstanding. The battery is huge, but it’s got a little trick too. It has an Ultra power saving mode that massively extends the battery life. 10% of battery power can last for almost 24 hours! It turns the screen into a black and white mode and shuts down non-essential features. You can still make calls and send texts, and even get on the internet although you will be limited with internet speed.
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Automatic Focus

The S5’s camera lets you take some pretty special photos. It’ll actually focus in 0.3 seconds. That’s as fast as the human eye blinks. That means your 16MP photos will always be in super sharp focus. It also has a special mode called high dynamic range mode. This picks out light and dark spots on photos in perfect detail. It even works on your videos.
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Water resistant!

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with some pretty cool features, and Samsung also managed to make it water resistant. It means you can make calls in the rain and it’ll survive being dropped in the sink. It passed IP67 certification so it’s dust proof and is able to withstand being under 1 metre of water for up to 30 minutes.
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Fingerprint scanner

The S5’s home button isn’t just a button. It’s a fingerprint scanner too. You can unlock the phone without a PIN or password just use your finger. It can be used for mobile payments too, such as with PayPal. If you have lots of personal files you want to keep private, like photos, videos or work documents, keep them in Private Mode. Only your fingerprint can unlock them. And to make sure your fingerprint is stored safely it’s heavily encrypted and kept only on the phone.

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An all in one fitness device

If your into fitness and want to improve your health then the Galaxy S5 is ideal. It’ll let you track your exercises, what food you’ve eaten, your weight and your stress levels. There’s also an excellent Coach feature that helps keep you motivated and reach your fitness goals. On the back of the S5 is a built in heart rate monitor. This lets you track your fitness more accurately than ever before.
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