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System Tools Lite


System Tools is a pack of 4 different useful tools for your device.
These includes-
•CPU frequency- keep an eye on your CPU frequencies to see at what frequency your CPU was for how much time.

•Sensors- A fully featured Sensor manager for your device,see what sensors your device have with a graph showing sensor values and all the sensor details.

•Colour Picker- Colour picker helps you in finding all bout colors of an image, just select am image and touch on a point on image to find out color,hexcode and rgb values.

•Device Information – Find out information about your device like screen density and pixels.

•6 different themes to choose from.

•Material Design with animations
System Tools is free with Ads
System Tools is open source, You can find source code where I built my app from here –


Aj-Apps tutorials

Cover art

I have converted this website into an app so you can have a look at tutorials without being on the internet, as I update my website I will be updating this app.

At the moment we have a few Samsung S6/S6 Edge tutorials and Samsung S5, if you want any tutorials added then either email me through the app or website or comment and I will see what I can do.

In the very near future I will be adding how to add a custom ROM if for example you don’t like Samsung’s default OS

WiFi Chat and File sharing

With WiFi Chat you can send messages, photos, voice notes, videos and files while on a WiFi network to anyone who is connected, You set your Username and your all set to talk with friends and family and once you have finished the conversation you can exit the app knowing no text messages have been saved, so when you go back into the app you can start your conversation from new.

You can minimize the app and still receive notifications of friends and family messaging you.

Media files like voice notes, videos, photos ect are saved onto the phone.


WiFi & Bluetooth Chat

Chat with people over WiFi, Bluetooth or normal messaging with this all in one messaging app.


Swipe Tab Example with colors

This is a Swipe Tab Example with colors and also normal Swipe Tab.

For the code go to:



Simple weather app giving you the forecast for 14 days,

– 14 day forecast
– Notification everyday to show you the day’s weather
– Share with other people what the weather will be
– Current location or manually type postcode or town

This weather app has been made from Google’s course – and has been modified to my own design.


Navigation Drawer – Aj-Apps

Example app which shows the use of Fragments to show contacts, send emails and load webpages.


Bluetooth Chat

This app you can send messages over Bluetooth if each Android phone has this app.

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