How to boot into Galaxy S6/S6 Edge recovery mode?

Use you Galaxy S6 in recovery mode to wipe cache partition, factory reset Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, reboot to bootloader, view recovery logs and apply update from ADB.

What’s recovery mode?

All Android devices have a special partition named recovery.

Tools helping you to repair Android installations and install official /unofficial Android firmware updates.


Recovery partition is bootable, i.e it is a self-contained, although usually simple, system. Different Android manufacturers may deploy different tools in recovery mode.

When you turn on Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, by default, Galaxy S6 is booted into Android and Android is ready to use on the phone.

But if you want, you can also boot into recovery partition and enter Galaxy S6 recovery mode to fix some issues or reset Galaxy S6 or S6 edge.

You can imagine Galaxy S6 recovery mode in this way: it can alter Android installation in Galaxy S6. Normally, if Galaxy S6 is booted into Android, you can only change the “settings”, but not the system files.

Step 1: Power off Galaxy S6

Press and hold power button to get the Galaxy S6 power options as shown below.

Please note, in most scenarios, Galaxy S6/S6 edge should respond to the operation of holding power button because it is implemented at hardware level.

Tap Power off as shown below.

After tapping Power off, you need confirm the operation by tapping Power off as shown below.

This is to avoid accidental tap of power off option.

Now Galaxy S6 should be off in a few seconds.

You may refer to Turn on/off Galaxy S6 page for this step.

Step 2: Press and hold volume up +Home + Power buttons to enter recovery mode











Now, you need press and hold 3 buttons:Volume up (NOT volume down), Home, andPower buttons.

You need use two hands for this operation. If you are not sure about these buttons, please check Galaxy S6 layout or Galaxy S6 edge layout pages.

You need keep holding these 3 buttons until you see the Android screen as shown above.

If Galaxy S6 reboots into normal lock screen, you have to power off the phone and start again.

Please note, if you use volume down button with Home and Power options, Galaxy S6 will boot into download mode. If this happens to you, try to reboot the phone and try again.

Step 4: Navigate through Galaxy S6 recovery mode

Once you are in Galaxy S6 recovery mode, you should get the recovery console as shown below.

In Galaxy S6 recovery console, touch screen is not responsive to touch. You have to use Galaxy S6 hardware buttons.

  • Volume up  to move the cursor up;
  • Volume down to move the cursor down;
  • Power button to apply.

For example, if you want to wipe cache partition, you move the cursor down to wipe cache partition, then press power button once.

If you want to reset Galaxy S6, move the cursor to wipe data/factory reset, then press power button once.


Step 5: Exit Galaxy S6 recovery mode.

Once you finish the operations in Galaxy S6 recovery console, you can choose reboot system now to reboot Galaxy S6 normally.

Of course, Galaxy S6 will then exit Galaxy S6 recovery mode.

You can also press and hold power button to reboot Galaxy S6 normally.

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