Disable BlinkFeed

BlinkFeed aggregates your social networks, TV listings, restaurant recommendations and more into one convenient feed. By default, the HTC One M8 and its Sense 6.0 software place BlinkFeed to the left of your home screen, accessible with just a swipe.

But for some, BlinkFeed is an unnecessary feature on the HTC One. Thankfully, you can turn it off with just a few taps.

Using the gesture mentioned above, bring up settings for home pages, and then tap and hold on the BlinkFeed icon. Once it lifts up, you’ll notice a remove icon at the top of the screen. Drag it over to the icon, and once it turns red, let go. BlinkFeed will then disappear from your device. Adding BlinkFeed back to your device is as simple as tapping on the placeholder icon on this same page.